Payroll being RTi and Auto enrolment compliant:  

      Online submission of HMRC requirements EPS,  FPS, CIS etc  

      Providing you with payslip for employees

      Advising you of payments due for PAYE/NI

I can provide a payroll service from home and this can be on a weekly, two weekly, four weekly or monthly basis.   This is relatively easy once it has been set up with all the necessary information, namely hourly, weekly or monthly pay rates.  Employee’s national insurance numbers, dates of birth, current address, starting dates, code numbers are also required.   To keep you compliant with HMRC’s current requirements payrolls needs to be completed and submitted to HMRC prior to employee payment being made.   I would need to be kept up to date with working hours, bonuses, new starters and leavers details and dates on a prompt basis, all of which need to be submitted to HMRC on a regular basis.


Other requirements such as Holiday pay (entitlement), Sick Pay sometimes prove to be a headache to employers and I can help with these along with other statutory payments like Maternity/Paternity pay.

Auto Enrolment – is the latest requirement being passed on to Small and Medium business over the next couple of years as they are being phased into Work Place Pensions.  Unfortunately there is no escape from this regulation as heavy fines are likely to be levied and unfortunately ignorance cannot be used as an excuse.   If you have one employee you have to have a pension scheme in place whether or not your employee wishes to partake in a scheme.  This is causing a lot of hassle to Small Businesses.

You can of course choose to communicate yourself with the Pension Provider and be responsible for the contributions yourself and deductions can simply be made upon your instructions with each payroll run.   Whatever happens this requirement cannot be ignored.  

If you feel I can help you then please do not hesitate and contact me